Ginger Honey 250g

Rs. 399.00
Type: Honey
Ginger Infused Honey by TEA AND INDIA-Connoisseur’s delight

TEA AND INDIA’s pristine Giner (adrakh) infused Wild Forest Honey will take you to another world of deep state, aroma, health and every morning smile. The real ginger is slowly infused into the Raw Wild Forest honey from jungles of Corbett in Nanital (uttarakhand). This slow process of infusion adds enormous medicinal value into the Sub-Himalayan delicious Jungle Honey.

Enjoy the in-numerous therapeutic benefits of Raw Honey and Ginger . As per Ayurveda this combination will fire up digestion, enhance immunity and body metabolism to burn fat and keep you fit and healthy. A mixture of Honey and Ginger works wonders for the body. Stay healthy.. Bee Happy with daily intake of our Ginger infused Wild Forest Honey.

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