Everything you need to know about slimming detox tea

Everything you need to know about slimming detox tea

Everything you need to know about slimming detox tea

Slimming detox tea is a super delicious tea contains 16 wholesome herbs. Some of them which are Mint, Ashwagandha and Tulsi which adds a fresh soothing minty aroma and are also known to provide energy and immune support. Gymnema Sylvester and Pipli add some more nutrition to the tea they are meant to support weight lose and enhance digestion system. 
Oolong tea and green tea presents in the tea makes it more helpful to loose weight also it helps boosting the rate of metabolism in body. This tea is a rich source of vitamin C also controls the sugar cravings. Regular intake of the slimming detox tea may help you lose weight faster and increase energy level of body.
Here are the 16 herbs presents in slimming detox tea and their health benefits :
• Oolong tea — Known for weight loss also Maintain heart health. 
• Green tea — Increase metabolism, Increase fat burning and Repair skin damage
• Organic Mint — Provide refreshment, Improve digestive system and Boost immune system
• Licorice —Highly anti-inflammatory, Keeps liver healthy and Increase weight loss
• Rooibos — Make your heart healthy, Improve skin health and Aids Weight Loss
• Organic Tulsi — Natural immunity booster alsoReduce cough and cold
• Ginger — Good for digestion and Helps in weight loss
• Organic Jasmine — Helps in relaxing mind, reduce stress and Boost brain function
• Organic Moringa — Super rich in Vitamin A, good for eye health and rich in vitamin C
• Gymnema Sylvester — Known for weight loss, reduce sugar cravings
• Turmeric — Highly antioxidant, Improve heart health
• Ashwagandha — Provides great energy, Improve brain function and reduce stress.
• Fennel — helps in digestion, remove toxins from body and boost weight loss. 
• Organic Lemongrass — helps in reducing stress and boost red blood cells in body
• Pipli — helps in good digestion, clear body’s air passage
• Cardamom — promotes weight loss and treat oral health. 
This is 2022, pollution is at its peak and it easily get stored in our body and create toxicity in tissues and cells. Slimming detox tea is rich in antioxidants and make body immune to fight against hard toxins and also reduce weight at the same time. 
How to brew slimming detox tea :
1 Heat water at 208 degree Fahrenheit.
2  Place 1 teaspoon tea in a cup and pour water on the leaves.
3  Steep for 3 minutes
4 Enjoy your tea !


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