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We all must have some tea boxes in the kitchen of our house. I called mine Teajori (TEA VAULT) Now we get tea comfortably through online tea store also but do you know how it started Although our mornings and evenings are incomplete without a cup of tea, but, do you all know about the history of tea after all? Or who was the first to taste the first? No ? Let us tell you about this journey of tea today.

buy tea online | tea and its history

As history tells it, Chinese emperor Shen Nung, also called the ''Divine Healer,'' is the man who deserves the credit for discovering tea leaves and their versatile healing powers. The story goes that tea was discovered by this man back in 2737 BC. The emperor sensed that people who drank boiled water reaped the benefits of better health and well-being. Then, when tea leaves fell into his boiling water, Shen Nung was pleasantly surprised by the good aroma, and the great flavor. 
After this unforgettable blessing in disguise a cup of perfect tea was celebrated, and the finding was noted by people in China, Japan, and other faraway lands. And that is the story of how a cup of  tea got its roots, thanks to a health minded man of nobility who was at the right place at the right time. Cheers. 
In the 1600s, as tea authorities shared, people of Europe were introduced to the tea of Asia. Initially, a tax on tea was pricey-and the beverage was appreciated by the wealthy. In time, demand for the drink with healing power soared and tea was no longer just for the well-to-do-and it was enjoyed by more people. Coffeehouses were ''in''  and as the demand for tea soared, afternoon tea were ''in'' and not just for the elite. 
During the 1700s, as people in the ea industry around the world know and will gladly tell you, tea was noteworthy to English colonists, and the popularity of the drink continued to grow. Due to the desire for tea in America, England;s high taxes soared for the commodity, causing an uproar among the northeastern folks. The end result : an epic revolt-in an attempt to make tea accessible to everyone, rich or poor.
And now in the 21st century, you can buy tea online from the comfort of your home. So this was the whole of tea journey.


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