Tulsi Honey 250g

Rs. 349.00
Type: Honey
Tulsi Honey by Tea And India - connisseru's delight
this delicous raw honey is produced by our hard working bees from the medicinal flower of vana tulsi ( holy basil). it contains naturally
occuring pollens, propolis , enzymes , and unique flavors found in raw unpasteurized honey.
flavour , colour , and density of natural honey may very due to flowering
and climatic changes. raw honey crystallized much faster than processed honey(commerical honey)
due to naturally found wax and pollens thus should you find crystals. just place the jar in hot water or in the sun for
sometime and it would return to its natural liquid stae.

NOTE: people with specific allergies/ diabetes should consult a specialist before consuming honey.
avoid giving honey to children below one year age.

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